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"Just as the Greek-Cypriot preoccupation was that Cyprus should be a Greek-Cypriot state, with a protected Turkish-Cypriot minority, the Turkish-Cypriot preoccupation was to defeat any such effort and to maintain the partnership concept, which in their opinion the Zürich Agreement created between the two communities. The conflict, therefore, was a conflict of principle and for that principle both sides were prepared to go on arguing and even, if need be, to fight, rather than compromise. The same principle is still on conflict today, though a federal solution has been accepted -and though a federation is nothing more than a constitutional partnership of states, provinces or cantons which make up the federation."
Glafcos Clerides,
Former Greek-Cypriot leader and the President of the 'Republic of Cyprus' , in his book "Cyprus: My Deposition", Vol.3, p.105.
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