North Cyprus  

Turkish-Cypriot Handicrafts


Traditional terracotta vase reflecting ancient Cypriot designs - picture courtesy of Dizayn 74 (of Kyrenia)

Traditional terracotta vase reflecting ancient Cypriot designs

Traditional forms of Cypriot culture are to be found in music, folk-dancing, and various crafts as embroidery, lace-making, potteries, and kilim weaving.

Typical handicrafts of interest in Northern Cyprus are:

  • Lefkara lace-work 
    This is a truely Cypriot (both Turkish and Greek) lace-work, which is meticulously done by the ladies at Cypriot villages. 

    Lefkara lace is used to interesting effect in bordering small mirrors on the tables, or as dainty accessories for any room. 

    Lefgara lacework


    Local Lefkara lacework

    To preserve this cultural and traditional hand-made lace-works, government of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus actively encourages the continuation of this tradition through a cooperative.

  • Sheep-skin rugs,

  • Genuine leather jackets,

  • paneri


    Traditional Cypriot handicrafts at display

    Hand-woven kilims: Beautiful and interesting kilim weaving is done in the villages in the Karpas peninsula. 

    Besides the boldly patterned kilim rugs, and carpets, there are embroidered rugs called `cicim' and rugs of Angora goat hair.

  • Hand-painted pottery,

  • Mediterranean-type village basketry,

  • Coffee pots, candlesticks,

  • plaitingPlaiting : In Northern Cyprus the plaiting of wheat, corn, and reeds into interesting shapes and designs is very common.

    The plaiting of reeds in Serdarli village is especially famous, and the designs show the sensitivity, ability, talent and the humanity of the weaver.

  • Copper and brass-ware,

  • Tavla: for a famous Cypriot pastime game of backgamon.

  • blue-beadsBlue Beads (Nazar Boncugu): A traditional Turkish talisman to keep away the 'evil eye'.

  • Northern Cyprus Stamps which are one of the most sought-after stamps in the world.

  • Silver jewellery, and many more.