North Cyprus  

Turkish-Cypriot Folk Dances

An Expression of Local Culture  

A tourist joins in the dance during a folk dancing event at Kyrenia Castle, North Cyprus

A tourist joins in the dance during a folk dance event at Kyrenia Castle

Folk dances are the expression of feelings, thoughts and enjoyment of the people. 

The origin of folk dancing is very old. It may even be said to be related to shamanist ceremonies and early religious and incantational worship.

Different characteristics may be noticed because of geographical and local features. 

Folk Dance performance

The number of Turkish-Cypriot dances is not definite. There are folk dances such as the `circle', `semi-circle', `one-lined', and `double-lined'. 

Few of these dances are solely either for men or women, but most are mixed. 

A Turkish-Cypriot folk dancer..

Turkish-Cypriot folk dancer

Turkish-Cypriot folk dances have many different names. They are named according to dance style, musicians, dancers, regions, and themes. 

The names of some of the folk dances are `Karşilama', `Kaşikli Oyunlari' (dances with wooden spoons), sword and shield dance, knife dance, and glass dance. 

Some of these dances are solely either for man or woman, whereas others are for both. Few examples are kozan, ciftetelli, testi, etc. 


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