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  Blue Beads (Nazar Boncugu): - A Traditional Turkish Talisman 

blue-beadsThe "Evil Eye" is a common belief among the people of the Mediterranean. It is widely believed that if one person gives another a hateful look, he or she may become ill or die from its negative effects. The strength behind the evil look is the "evil eye". This belief streches back to the pre-Christian era.

Among those who believe in this traditional superstition, the main reason behind the evil eye is a person's extreme feel of envy. However, it is also held that when a person is admired too much or is loved too extremely, the evil eye may strike.

Aside from protecting its wearer from harm or evil, the blue bead often on rings and necklaces or among Turkish motifs. The blue bead is not only the most widespread talisman used to ward off evil in Anatolia, it is sometimes placed on silver pr gold jewelry coupled with the inscription "God Bless".

It is also believed that the evil eye affect not only the humans, but it can also affect plants, animals, and homes so the blue bead is used to pro- tect these as well.

Another means of protection from the evil eye is prayer. Despite all types of talismans, a person who has been touched by the evil eye is always exor- cised by a holy man. What else can we say but: "May God protect you from the evil eye."