North Cyprus  


Those wishing to build a collection of material relating to the Turkish Cypriot Postal Administration and stamps of Northern Cyprus might like to follow the following guidelines. 
  • 1964 (January to September): Kibris Turk Postalari headstamps.
  • 1970 to 1974: Social Aid stamps, Turkish Cypriot Revenue stamps used postally.
  • 27 July 1974 to 13 February 1975: Red Cross, Red Crescent postal services, autonomous Turkish Cypriot Administration stamps valid in the North Cyprus and international mail.
  • 13 February 1975 to 14 November 1983: Turkish Federated State of Cyprus internal and international mail.
  • 15 November 1983 to day: Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus internal and international mail.

From Jeff Ertughrul, `Postal Services of Northern
, in Stanley Gibson Magazine, June 1990.

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