North Cyprus  


Since 1975, the Turkish Cypriot Post Office has managed to hold a stamp issue policy of four to five commemorative sets a year, mostly covering Cypriot themes with one or two exceptions. Credit must go to the former Director of the Posts, Mr Hasan Fedai, and Mr Aysel Erduran, both ex-officers of the old colonial and republican post office days. Also their British training has been invaluable in developing Turkish Cypriot Postal Services.

Among the best issues of North Cyprus since 1975 have been:

  • the Tourist issue, 1975;
  • Turkish Monuments in Cyprus, 1977;
  • EUROPA, 1978;
  • Historical Monuments, 1980;
  • Flowers, 1981; and
  • Flowers, 1982;

Slogans have also been kept to a minimum of four to five a year.

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