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The City of Kyrenia, Cyprus

Antiphonitis Church  

Antiphonitis ChurchThe Antiphonitis church was the center of a monastery. It dates from the end of the 12th century and was built by a monk from Asia Minor. The dome of the edifice rests on eight stone columns which form an octagon. The two columns in the east are detached from the walls and mark the division of the altar. This architecture is very unusual for Cyprus. Its barrel vaulted narthex and arcade, which was once roofed, were added in the 15th century. The stone balustrade between the arches and wood and clay rood of its arcade have not survived.

The name Antiphonitis when loosely translated means 'Christ who Responds'. Some of its surviving frescoes are original. Among these, the Virgin Blachernitissa - with the figure of the bust of Christ Child in her bosom - flanked by Gabriel and Michael, occupies the conch of the apse. Archangel Michael is encountered once more holding a parchment script on the upper part of the detached north column. On the south-west wall of the nave the blue hooded figure of St. Anthony and the scene of the Baptism can be distinguished. On the lower half of the column on this side St. Endoxus and to the left St. Paul are placed.

The rest of the frescoes are from the 15th century. The dome is occupied by the fissure of the Christ Pantokrator represented inside a medallion surrounded by angels in the scene of the Preparation of the Throne, which is flanked by the Virgin Mary and John the Baptist. The twelve apostles seated on their thrones and the images of prophets represented beyond accompany the scene.












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