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The City of Kyrenia, Cyprus

Karmi (Karaman)  

Overlooked by the Gothic St. Hilarion Castle and set deep in the mountainside is the picturesque village of Karmi inhabited mostly by British and German expatriates. Cooled in summer by a light breeze, this lovingly restored village is a refuge of peace and genuine charm. With lovely views of the northern coastline from every corner, the relaxed and informal style of Karmi will not fail to enchant the visitor. With its own village pub, a small selection of local bistros, and a nearby handicraft shop, this region will appeal to anyone seeking tranquillity.

Karmi's Greek0Cypriot Orthodox churchKaraman village, situated up on the mountains, to the west of Kyrenia, was abandoned by its Greek-Cypriot inhabitants during the war in 1974. In time the old houses became derelict and the whole village turned to be a ghost one.

In 1979, the Council of Ministers decided to put in action an innovative project which would rejuvenate this small village of amazing scenic beauty that had appealed to foreigners for long. The main aim was to renovate the old village while developing resident tourism.

Central KarmiThe Ministry of Interior and Housing started to lease the tumbledown buildings to foreigners at nominal prices for long terms. In 1983, the whole village was transferred to the Ministry of Tourism. Soon infrastructural works were undertaken by the Ministry and roads, pathways, and parking places were built and improved. A telephone box was installed and street lighting and water connections were modernized. Within seven years time the whole village developed and 150 houses were all renovated under the control of the Ministry. The cost of renovation and maintenance is paid by the tenants and they are obliged to use local architects and contractors. In this way, jobs were created for the local people.

Karmi shops selling sestasGreat importance was shown to keep the character of the village untouched while catering for the needs of modern accommodations. Traditional way of construction is kept alive. For example, wooden rafters and rush mats are used for ceilings, solar heaters are not permitted to be placed on the roofs; and height of water tanks is limited to 60 cm above roof level in order not to spoil the village atmosphere.

The village has 150 renovated houses, 4 restaurant-pubs, and a grocery shop. The inhabitants of the village are mainly from U.K., Germany, France, Austria, and U.S.A.

Karmi village, situated up on the mountains, is to the west of Kyrenia 
 Karmi village, situated up on the mountains,
is to the west of Kyrenia

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