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Scuba Diving in North Cyprus

Scuba Diving in North CyprusScuba Cyprus based in Kyrenia is the largest professional diving centre and the first and only BSAC/PADI recognised diving school in Northern Cyprus operating two dives a day from Deniz Kizi beach throughout the year. 

The dive sites are probably the best in the Mediterranean: the sea is warm , the water is crystal clear and there is visibility for over 30 meters. What really makes North Cyprus different is the abundance of underwater life. 

One can easily run into eels, sting rays, octopus, amber jack, and Caretta-caretta sea turtles. There are also fascinating reefs, caves and ancient ship-wreck sites. 

The oldest commercial shipwreck was found a few miles from Kyrenia harbour (dated 300 BC) and some of the artefacts salvaged are now displayed in the museum located in Kyrenia castle

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