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Özker Yaşın  


Özker Yaşın Born in 1932 in Cyprus, the poet Özker Yaşın (pronounced Yash-un) published his first poem at the at the age of 17 in the poetry journal of Yeşilada.

After finishing his higher education in Turkey, he returned to Cyprus and started working in local newspapers as a columnist. He produced and presented radio and television programmes on literature and poetry on the BRT. The main theme of his poems have been Cyprus.

His numerous works include a novel titled Kibrisli Kâzim (Kâzim the Cypriot), and poetry books Bayraktar Destani, Namik Kemal Kibrista, Oglum Savasa Mektuplar, Kibris Mektubu, Kibrista Bayrak.

More recently Cevre Yayinevi Publishers published all his works in three volumes, under the title: Özker Yaşın: All his poems, Kıbrıs Benim Vatanım - I, II, III.

Yaşın is not the only literary person in his family. Both his son Mehmet Yaşın and daughter Neşe Yaşın are well-known and highly regarded for their poetry and writings.




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