North Cyprus  

Endemic Snakes of Cyprus
An Endemic Snake of CyprusThe island is better known for its snakes, which can be seen moving purposefully through the undergrowth in spring and autumn. 

They hibernate in winter and are less active in summer. The more common varieties include:

  • Typhlos vermicularis: known as the `pink worm snake';

  • Coluber jugularis: the large whip snakewhich has a long, thin body with a dark grey to mottled brown patterning;

  • Coluber nummifer: the `coin snake' is dressed in leopard on a rock khaki camouflage background.

  • Telescopus fallax: `the cat snake' appears very like the coin snake but is usually smaller with paler skin. 

  • Coluber cypriensis: the Cyprus whip snake is a long dark green to black serpent, while

  • Malopon Monspessulianus: the Montpelier snake has a long dry-grey body and narrow head.

  • Viper lebetina lebetina: the blunt-nosed viper, alias Saittaros, has a broad head and thick body with even paler markings than the cat snake and a distinc- tive horny tail. It is one of only two poisonous snakes on the island but one whose bite can kill. It is not actively aggressive but will defend itself if disturbed. 
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