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Review of Select Books Published in N.Cyprus - 2000

   April Review / Nisan Kitabi - 2000

Albrecht, Misli, (1994), Turkish Cypriot and Mediterranean Cookery, Havellia Publishing, London.

  Turkish-Cypriot_CookeryAlbrecht is a Turkish-Cypriot who has a Cordon Bleu diploma, and lives in Kyrenia, North Cyprus.

In this much welcome and rare book on Turkish-Cypriot cookery, Misli Albrecht gives us not only the recipies of the mouth-watering delicacies of the island, but also explains the stories behind the names of these food, which the Turkish-Cypriots love.

From sheftali-kebab, to ceviz macunu (green walnuts in syrup), kolokas to sipya, to chichek dolmasi (stuffed marrow leaves) to chakistes (cracked green olives), you can find everything about the traditional Turkish-Cypriot gastronomical delights in this book, and also about the Mediterranean diet.


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