Animal Welfare in North Cyprus
North Cyprus  

Bringing your pet into North Cyprus
  Pets can be brought into the country from Europe with little hassle. The Ministry of Agriculture require a certificate from a European vet stating that your animal is free of major diseases.

Airpets and Dolphin Movers are two companies well versed in getting your pets into North Cyprus, though this may not be so cheap. They do everything, except the rabies jab which you have to have at least 30 days before importing your pet into Cyprus. 

  Health regulations for bringing animals into the country:
  1. Any kind of animal admission to the country needs preliminary permission. 
  2. The Veterinary Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry gives the preliminary permissions (Import Licence). 
  3. The conditions of preliminary permission depend on the species of the animal. These conditions are told to animal owners by the veterinary office. The contact number for the Veterinary Office is  + 90 392 225 3751. Mr Dogan Pasha is the friendly face at the Office who can help organise the Import Licence for your pet.
  4. According the law that is in force now the quarantine period depends on the species and the origin country of the animal. This is usually between 3-4 weeks for pets at the Nicosia quarantine kennels.
  5. During the stay of your pet at the Quarantine kennels in Nicosia, you will be responsible for feeding, watering and cleaning of your animal including any other costs that may be incurred. 
  6. Any kind of food that contains animal and biological products needs preliminary permission to be imported if they are brought by the passenger on himself/herself. 

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