North Cyprus  

Cyclamen Cyprium 
(Cyprus or Autumn Cyclamen)

CYCLAMEN CYPRIUM - (Autumn or Cyprus Cyclamen)
Flower stalk slender c.10 cm high erect bronze/purple, bearing a sweet-scented flower in the autumn before leaves appear. Petals white or very pale pink with conspicuous deep magneta (noses) blotch M-shaped where they turn sharply up/back; after flowering the stalks curve down forming small tight "springs" bearing a seeding-box (you can pull gently on the coil and feel the spring-tension which pushes the ovary against the ground, enabling ants to carry away the seeds); seed coat dark brown, rough, very sticky when newly shed. Leaves spade-shaped, fleshy grey-green, marbled; leaf underside rich purple or crimson. Tubers with rough greyish bark, about 7 cm diameter or less; roots appear from one side of lower surface.

Shaded calcerous or ingenious rocks, on steep hillsides, banks, under shrubs or trees; sea-level to 3,000 ft alt.

Found only in Cyprus; common in both north and south of the island.

From: Hallliday, S., & Lushington, L., (1988), Flowers of Northern
         Cyprus, Angus Hudson Ltd, London.

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