Agricultural Sector

The agricultural sector is one of the key sectors of the economy in North Cyprus.

Although its share in the GDP is decreasing from year to year it is still of major importance especially as far as its contribution to GDP, employment, exports and supply of raw materials to industry are concerned.

The contribution of the agricultural sector to the GDP increased from 619.3 million TL in 1977 to 1,005.3 million TL in 2003 at constant prices of 1977 with an annual average increase of 1.2%. In 2003 this contribution stood at 10.6% of the GDP an increase from 9.2% in 1990.

Statistical Pattern of the Share of Agriculture
1999  2000 2001 2002 2003
% Share of GDP 9.1 7.9 9.7 10.9 10.6
% Share of EAP* 17.8 17.1 16.5 15.7 14.5
% Share of Exports 38.4 31.7 35.5 41.6 41.1
  * EAP refers to economically active population
Cyprus potatoes

The export of the agricultural products accounted for 41.6% of the total domestic exports and 15.7% of the working population was employed in the agricultural sector in 2003. The sector's contribution to total exports in 1990 was 45.5% while it employed some 26.7% of the economically active population during the same year.

Owing to the unfavourable climatic conditions prevailing in North Cyprus and in conjunction with the importance attached to the agricultural sector a considerable amount of subsidies have been paid over the years to alleviate the losses incurred in this sector.


  Olive harvest 

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