Guzelyurt (Omorfo/Morphou), North Cyprus
North Cyprus  

Lefke Gazi Lycee
Lefke Gazi Lycee

Due to a great demand for secondary education it was decided to build one. The school was built in 1949 in the old sports club. A big effort was made by the them mayor of municipality Fadil Nekipzade to built the school. 

In 1962 the new secondary school was built which is still provides education. In 1968, its task was to provide better education under the name of Lefke Gazi Lycee. 

The high school consists of three units and it has two storage. It also consists of two laboratories, a music room, library, volleyball and basketball courts, park and a vast garden, 34 teachers are employed. This high school meets all educational needs from the surrounding villages. The head master of the high school is Hasan Omer.


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