Guzelyurt (Omorfo/Morphou), North Cyprus
North Cyprus  

Bronze Age Sanctuary of Pigadhes
Bronze Age Sanctuary of PigadhesPigadhes is halfway along the road from Kyrenia to Güzelyurt, near the village of Çamlibel. The double-horned altar of the Bronze Age sanctuary has an irresistible facination for those interested in mythology and ancient history. For others Pigadhes is a tranquil picnic site, sympathetically planted with cypress and cedar trees. The sanctuary's 12 feet high altar is raised on four steep steps capped with the Horns of Consecration. 

The exterior face of the altar platform is decorated with precise geometrical carving of four squares surrounding a cross. It now stands, as it did in the Late Bronze Age, in the open air, but it would then have been enclosed within a courtyard containing a sacred well. 

The low foundation walls of the various out-buildings range all around. These sacred precints would also have probably been surrounded by woodland, thus closing all horizons save for the divine summits of Mount Olympus and the twin peaks of the Gothic [Kyrenia] Range.